Observations of chickenshit behaviour

Apparently when it comes to relationships these days, everyone's a wimp.

A couple of months ago, I learned that it's not kosher to like the person that you're with. So so so, it's ok to screw around with 'em but you cannot like them. Once you do, someone dies...or will. Like woa, y'all.

Why do we have to be so freaking scared? Is it a crime to like the person we're with? Or has the media and our continually warped society conditioned us to nitpick everything about our partners so that we're never happy or we can never be sure of them? Why live in paranoia?

Case in point: I was going through a tough time in my previous relationship. The ex's ex has thrown a spanner in the works and it was giving me sleepless nights that they were meeting and talking. He gave no reassurances and I was a mess, attempting to remain calm while the man I liked was thinking about another.

When I confided this to a guy friend, he simply said: why did you go and like this man? The genius goes on to clarify: sleeping with him is ok, but liking him is out of the question. Did he say he likes you?

What did I just transcend into another dimension? Am I being punk'd? Am I still stuck in secondary school?  

When I stopped gaping, I thought:  Wait...why am I still friends with you again? Why are you so scared? According 
to the genius. its about protecting your heart but letting your d!@# hang free. WTF.  It's no wonder that he gets into all sorts of scraps with a variety of creatures and is unable to hold on to the woman he really likes.

It is also this type of warped thinking by men and women that makes people doubt themselves to the extent that everyone lives in fear. No one wants to commit, even saying 'I like you' is tantamount to a declaration of grand love. People are crippled by an inability to even express affection, but they don't have trouble fucking around or playing with others' feelings. What the hell is going on?  

Just because a man/woman is scared, indecisive and doubtful doesn't mean that you have to be too. To be honest, I'm not as brave as I sound - I've been hurt many times too. But at the same time, I won't let self doubt cramp my style. Naive? No...I'd rather be upfront about my intentions so that there is no mistaking what I want. Games are for kids.

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