Of inspirations and heroes

It's quite cool when you get to meet people who have inspired you. Last evening, me, along with a whole bunch of "Burson persons" got to meet the esteemed Harold Burson. If you just went Harold, who? Please click on the link provided *facepalm*

At 91, Mr Burson still heads into the office every day. 
It's not every day that you get to meet the founder of an agency, let alone someone whose work inspired me to pick public relations as a career. The journey has been challenging thus far and I still love it.

Inspirations come in many forms. From work to hobbies...I still have an agonizing four more weeks of rehab to go when one of my friends sent me this little clip to cheer me up :)  Ah, Jon M. Chu, you may be hokey at times, but you do have that knack for inspiring. Keep it up!


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