Swinging all the way

April for me was truly the month of dance, which started with the India Fiesta Latina and rounded off with Swingvitation in Singapore.

West Coast Swing is something that I picked up over four months ago and took me quite a while to get used to. But still, never say never, right? Took part in my first Jack & Jill this year, on the heels of my return from a great India session. Never mind I haven't been up to par on West Coast Swing. I was sick for about three weeks prior to India and injured when I returned. The injury is a result of too many body movement classes in India. The good news? It's not a fracture...it's a rib cartilage sprain. The pain was horrendous and I was unable to get a good night's sleep or even flip over. Since my visit to the physio and doctor's, I haven't  been dancing. Sigh. Injuries suck. Kiddies, please don't follow in my footsteps, if you are injured, sit it out.

At Jack & Jill... Next year, I will do better!
Winners of the Jack & Jill. A pair are my cousin.(s)...please don't hurt yourself guessing who. LOL
It was a great weekend filled with workshops, friends as well as West Coast champions, Jordan and Tatiana who were really able to break down the dance and show us a couple of new things. I managed to do one social night but wasn't up to dancing with Jordan. Pride meant that if I wanted to social with an international instructor, I had to be at least decent.

The dance family... literally 
Kudos to the folks at  Mosaic Dance and Jitterbugs for introducing West Coast Swing and bringing the dance to so many people. Till the next Swingvitation!

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