Oh Yeendia!

Back from India, all refreshed and browner :)

I have to say that this time around, the trip was a heck lot more enjoyable because we didn't rush around as much. We had time to do the workshops that we really wanted and also time to wind down and simply relax in Goa. That, overall was awesome.

Overall, the India Fiesta Latina was a great festival. We made new friends, got to know some old friends better and danced all night since the time we landed till the end of the festival. I have to say that there are some pretty impressive Indian salsa teams, and some, like Bad Salsa were jaw-droppingly good.

We performed a more polished cha cha piece and the extra effort showed. The only downside is that my partner fractured his foot and was unable to perform, hence I only worked the shines with the ladies...but still. I have to say though, that the thrill for performing is still there. Even though the butterflies have diminished over time, when you are on stage and presenting a piece that you've all worked so hard for, it IS worth it.

Dance Unlimited Singapore performance team

In addition to the usual partner/shines/styling workshops that we all did, I managed to snag a place in the workshop with Meher Malik. I had no idea who she was at first, but after watching some videos of her dancing on Youtube, I was really excited. Because there are run-of-the mill belly dancers and then there are belly dancers who simply dance with a joy de vive that is absolutely a delight to watch.  The only downside of her workshop was that it was overrun by over enthusiastic, rabid fans who were more interested in watching and talking with her over learning something substantial. That said, I still went for the workshop and came out with this:

Would someone please bring this woman down to Singapore for classes? There are so many things we can learn from her! Heh...

There is just so much to cover with the trip and all but then again, you can see those photos for yourself. Enjoy! For I surely did :)


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