Sakit sampai pening

On the mend, in the end
it only took like 3 weeks.
coughed out both lungs
expunged so much scum
This time, I shall live

Incidentally that title reads: sick until headache. LOL Getting sick really sucks. Your brain is all foggy, your body is non-cooperative and all you want to do is curl up in a ball and die. Dramatic? But of course! Hey, at least this time I wasn't moaning away like a haunted house ghost.

But why so sick, right? I happened to catch some weird bug that has been plaguing the office and got the works. I just have to bloody soldier on and get better before India, which I leave for this week, which is also right in the middle of a client event. Talk about packing it all in...I've barely even though about my trip. GAH!

It's ok, it's ok...packing shall commence on the day of. It'll take me all of 30mins and then, we're good to go. To INDIA!

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