About those babies...

My boss recently remarked in amusement. "You have a different way of treating kids."

Woman caught me having a conversation with her toddler of 18months during a short car ride. The kid's cute as a button and learning to speak ...she can't talk yet, so it's just baby babbling for now and me, I'm just yakky. It's entertaining to just react to babies. By reacting, I don't mean bring on the baby talk (like seriously? even the kid will be embarrassed if they knew), just talk to them.

Ok, let's set the record straight: I'm cool with kids. I like them but I don't see the need to coo or go bonkers over them at any given turn. Why?

Because I raised my brother from a baby till he was 11. So I went through the crying, pooping, vomiting, being sick. I cleaned up, fed and took him to school. Basically, much of my experience is similar to that of a single mum. At the same time, I was also privvy to the times where he first laughed, took his first steps, ate his first damned bug, began talking and is just an effusive child who could enjoy life as it is. Therefore, while I like kids, I have no illusions about them. I remember playing with him and reading to him way before he could even sit up. I'm glad that he still reads today and that we can now talk on a deeper level.

I just don't see why you have to molly-coddle or fuss unnecessarily over kids or babies. Hence, I tend to treat them like little adults. I talk to them and basically encourage them to use a little creativity and imagination. And of course, sometimes I tend to be a just as crazy when I'm around them. Hey, these are kids...loosen up! 

Adults today tend to think of kids as either: 

  • Something of a novelty. You want, you want, you want. But have you really tried? Go look after someone's baby for a month, then come back and tell me if it is all fun and games. 
  • Fragile as blown glass. For goodness sake, kids are a hardy bunch! They will fall and get hurt but it's part of growing up...just keep an eye on them, and don't smother them with your endless attention.
  • A stuffed toy. Hallo, you do realize that kids are people too? When I was a kid, I played in the drains, caught little wiggly fish and ran all over the estate with my friends. None of us got the diseases that the kids today are catching. Go figure.
Anyhooo, kids are kids. I like 'em, won't go mad over 'em. End of story.

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