It's about being true to yourself

I've been a bit of a bear with regards to relationships and their quirky little issues these past couple of posts. It's hard to be a fount of  patience when you see people scrambling around madly. Especially if they are a good friend who is being dangled. Yes, relationships all turn us a wee bit nutty but do you have to let it drive you completely insane? 

No, dammit, NO! 

In the pursuit of a relationship, we shouldn't forsake who and what we are just so that we can be pursued or just so that we can pursue someone. It's something that a lot of people keep forgetting. We keep asking our other halves or the people we are dating: what do you want out of this relationship? When in actual fact, we should be reflecting upon ourselves and asking what do WE want? 

If we are constantly trying to make someone happy, then what of ourselves or our own needs? I say, if you can't be yourself with the other person, reconsider. The real you deserves as much love and attention as your other half.

I say we have to wake up to our own needs. Take a really good look at yourself and ask: Am I dating this person simply because they are there? Is this person making me happy? The moment you start withholding a comment that you would usually pass, ask: Am I being true to who I am? Or am I just making nice for now? 

Now, can you also respond honestly?

If the person is pushing to do something that you disagree with or are not ready for, do you just grin and bear it? Or just say no? Personally, I'd respect a person who would disagree with me. I'd respect them even more if they can tell me why straight up. Again, I ask, if you cannot be yourself, then what is the point?

There is so much we can argue about being in, out or looking for a relationship,getting married and all but we have to remember not to lose ourselves in the pursuit of happiness. 

I read two articles this week that underscore my commitment to being true to myself:
Who Cares What Women (or Men) Want—What Do You Want? and  The Wrong Reason to Get Married—and the Right Way to Think about It. So what does a single girl like me know about being in a relationship, you ask? Well, what I can say is that, in finding the right mate, I will try as much as I can to stay as true to myself and my beliefs as much as I can. 

Cos if I don't, I know that there would be some trusted person who'll slap me back into place. Heh.

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