There and back again

There, that is my Hobbit reference for this post. Sadly, I didn't find any evil ring to go along with it but I had interesting adventures, nonetheless.

San Diego is definitely one of the cooler cities in the US, made more so by good friends who live in it :o)  From this trip I've learned that:

  • Their zoo is way better than ours. There is a travellator! And pandas! And kiwis! And a cable car! Sadly, no Ron Burgundy
  • The weather rocks. As does the Mexican food and oddly enough, the sushi in Seau's.
  • Sitting in front of a Japanese snack shack in the park could result in inadvertently selling bowls of teriyaki chicken to passers-by. 
  • I can actually drink red wine in the house, outside or anywhere I damn well like it. Anytime I like it.
  • Tokyo Iced Teas are dangerous, no matter how high your alcohol tolerance level is. You'll end up stumbling home like drunken sailors.
  • No matter where you are, McDonald's has the best cures for hangovers.
  • I really am Filipino.
  • I am not a mail order bride. Damn Yu! 
  • The best spot to see the city skyline is from the bay, in a boat.
We also took a side trip to Vegas and the Hoover Dam and therein lies more learning points:
  • If you are a woman in Vegas, the dress code is always: party slut-ish. The shorter and tighter, the higher the heels, the better. Sadly, I failed in that aspect having no short, tight dress or heels despite being hobbit-ish.
  • If you are cute, it doesn't matter whose fake ID you use. Even if it is the same as the person standing next to you.
  • Sex sells. Even if you are lighted balls that swim in a pond, set to music and interesting lighting. People will watch and wonder, what the heck was I thinking. 
  • At any given time, something has to cum. This I learnt at breakfast when I stupidly stirred my coke float. The ensuing mess was not looked upon kindly.
  • The damn Dam, as we like to call it is massive and awesome. Plus you can fry an egg on the top of it too.
  • Drunken-ness is a state of normalcy.  We were headed to the pool at around 5pm where a guy was being escorted away on a wheel chair with a plastic baggie around his ears. Noice. 
  • The pool is really a pick-up joint, not a place for excercising.
  • Chupakabras are one of my new favourite drinks. Puts a fire in the belly.
Clock-wise from top: Mel & I, Tokyo Iced Ts,  the  damn  Dam, everyone at Lei Lounge, chupacabras and the three amigos at SeaWorld.
That said, I would definitely make a return trip in future! I still have to get INTO freaking Comic Con to live out my geekish aspirations even if I have to get that freaking Princess Leia costume. All in a trip's work, I say.

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