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Guess who's on hiatus? *happy dance*

Yeap, the time has come to move onto other pastures. Greener, perhaps but definitely moving right along. One thing this last vacation has taught me is that life's simply too short to dawdle. You have to grab it by its scruff and hop on for the ride! Or if you are unhappy about things, leave. Do what you want now. Why wait?

So here we go, a little hop-skip into the abyss of the unknown.

Don't get me wrong, I still love what I do professionally but sometimes the environment and the people in it are just too much to handle. Let's just say that I have high expectations and believe that people should strive along with me to achieve them. After all, it is not my goals that we are working to achieve. Sadly, people being contradictory creatures, tend to disagree. Hence, I'm moving on.

On a personal level, I am eliminating the sitting around and waiting. I'm not getting any younger and procrastination will take me nowhere fast. Could'a, would'a should'a' are not viable options. I am bloody straightforward and speak my mind. Yes, its hard to handle but it's much better than trying to be a freaking mind reader. Sometimes I wonder how the hell I manage to get myself into these prickly situations. Ha, maybe it's because I tend to hope for more, but what is wrong with the hoping?

Could be a mad personality thing. I tend to charge ahead, striking out on a limb with my heart on my sleeve and my mind open to new things. Wanting to know where everything fits and how they fit instead of just leaving things alone. While some circumstances and people have hurt me, I'd still rather move on knowing rather than live in ignorance. To me, spending time with someone and trying to find out how they tick means a heck lot more than just thinking about the things that could have been.

I suppose this is a sign of growing up. You pick the battles that you want to fight and let go of those that are holding you down. Hence this is me moving on. I can't bloody wait :o)

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