Quiet moments of anger

Fear, what is it about fear that paralyzes people?
To the point it avoidance,
to the point of aggression,
to the point where words can't be taken back?

I'm pissed off that fear blindsided me,
it took away something that could've been good.
Fear brings its friend, doubt which now introduces hesitation.
Too many at the party for me to feel comfortable.

In quiet moments, anger pops by for a visit,
Bitterness also says hi,
Disappointment sets in and self esteem gets bruised
Will things ever get back to normal?

It's an uphill battle where I have to regroup
To repair a heart that's been hurt.
The quiet moments of anger and pain still get to me
I'm waiting for the day when this will pass.

Hopefully by then, you'd have left fear behind
and be able to come together as friends.
Cos I'm tired of your running, of constantly being afraid
No one can accept you unless you accept yourself.


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