The step

The hardest step to take is the first
from where we sit, the height looks daunting
the light's too bright
all we can do is stare. 

Your heart's pounding
palms sweaty,
take a deep breath
for it can be done.

Grudgingly, courage surfaces, 
peeking out from the shadows shyly,
Digging deep we reach for strength 
and the chutzpah to pull us through

No matter what, this is a step in a new direction
It can be and will be done
only then can we release the hold of old fears 
and emerge as a stronger, braver person.

Dedicated to that crazy person who sends me amazing Sammy pictures

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Anonymous said...

cos sometimes you need to let go of the old shit, so the good new things can come in :-)

Bitchy Witchy said...

Yea, it's the letting go sometimes that is the hard part.

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