Hunting high and low

Back from a well-deserved break and flung into work madness :p The only difference that I can cotton to is that things seem to move a heck lot faster. Thank God I have the energy and the cells to burn. 

The break was a good chance to catch up with girlfriends and get a look into what goes on in their heads when it comes to searching for their man. It's quite funny to realize that no matter how old or young we are, women still have similar quirks, especially when it boils down to looking for their partner. The following list was compiled on the back of a good night out. Note: By good, I mean with lots of booze and similar minded (read: kaypoh) people who indulged us in our oftimes mad jabberings.

I present to you, the modern woman's man-hunting-must-have checklist *unveils with flourish*. Please note that this list is not something that one should strictly adhere to, and especially not after or during a drunken night out:

  • Must be able to pay his own rent. The modern woman is capable of earning her own money and  buying her own diamonds. Today, we realize how expensive things are and the most we are asking for is for the man to be able to support himself and pay his own way. Bums need not apply...we have enough trouble trying to support ourselves, we do not need you to contribute to our expenses. Expensive dinners and holidays once in a while are a bonus, not a mandate.
  • Good looking. Or rather, good looking to us. Somewhere out there is a woman who thinks that Steven Lim is cute (God save us all *prays*). As for me, I just want my man to be good looking enough and hopefully presentable enough that he won't scare away kids and creatures. 
  • Able to drive. This one is in the list because one girlfriend and me can't drive. The ability to drive comes in handy especially when we plan road trips. Someone who can drive us would be great. But at the same time, we realize that we'd have to learn to drive to. Whether he has a car or not is not a hard and fast rule.
  • Tall... as in 6 ft and above. Tom Cruise, you can balik to your sofa! For a bunch of short girls, we reserve the right to be demanding in some things!  
  • Well endowed. Uh, I can't say for sure how this particular one made the list. Ok, ok so some of my ladies have their demands, nothing wrong. All I'm saying is that he better damn well know what to do with it! God knows, some men are useless at knowing what to do. Uselessness is a deal-breaker for sure.
  • Good in bed. Now this one is somewhat underrated. I've been with some guys who are cute but shite in bed and not so cute guys who are amazing. Ok, by good in bed, I mean leaving you both in a sweaty, messy heap, jelly-kneed and needing a post-coitus fag. However, this is a lucky dip kind of requirement. That said, being good in bed does make the deal a heck lot sweeter. 
At the end of the day, we all have our own lists. While this list was compiled in a tongue-in-cheek manner, the underlying message is that no matter how old we are, we still on on to the hope of finding that someone with the right combination. 

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