Alone again, naturally

Too often we get caught up in the rat race and in what society thinks we should do or who we should be. I was much inspired by the following video this morning:

I've been single for some time and while on some days, I too long to have someone, I don't let that feeling overwhelm me.  The most important things I've learnt over the years is to be at peace with myself and be by myself. And even though I did sign up for that crazy-ass experiment in online dating, it's not something that I am actively pursuing.

It's not tough to be alone. For me, it is about having the freedom and opportunity to do whatever I want, anytime I can afford to. It is about expanding my horizons and stepping away from what society dictates. There is no one to second guess, no other person to judge you or set their opinions on you, unless you ask them for it. I find it comforting to have the space to grow and breathe as I deem fit.

Does being alone make me more of a cynic? To an extent, yes. My cynicism stems from personal experience, influence and from what I've seen friends go through. While it does not restrict my thinking, I will always be amazed by how people always say one thing and do someone else (yes, you read that right). Therefore, I am no longer surprised when faced contradictory actions. The only thing that would surprise me is if someone actually does what they said they will so. But who am I to judge? I tend to go on mad benders myself.

I'll be the first to admit that being alone forces me to think carefully about what you want out of your life. Far from being afraid of being alone, I relish the time when I don't have to hear anyone yap. It's a peaceful sort of silence.

You should try it sometimes.

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Anonymous said...

is it i inspireds choo? hehe i is much pleased padawan *pats head of dragon*

Bitchy Witchy said...

Yes, you inspires me! I in turn try to inspire others and tell them that being alone is good. Not the end of the world :o)

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