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2010 was the year that things panned out evenly.  

A year of peace and achievement as I managed to keep things relatively balanced. In contrast, last year’s review post rang loud and clear with my frustration, bitterness and in the end, relief. The highlight of the year has to be the people. Whether you are a new friend, colleague or part of the old guard, you’ve brightened by life immensely. 

Work-wise, I feel more fulfilled; getting opportunities that I would never have gotten back at the old place. I learnt to be a more patient person who looks at the overall picture and not just at the small pieces. I am now more independent and organized but at the same time, a stronger team player. Most of all, I opened myself to learning new things and taking on new challenges. At times the road was fraught with frustration, but at the end of the day, I realized that there are people who appreciate the effort that was put in. Not just criticize everything. Thankfully, I have great colleagues who will weather all the strangeness with me so that makes the road a lot smoother.

Fun at Peiling's wedding
I survived with my heart intact. Taking the time off to breathe has helped a lot. I know what I want and I recognize my limitations. I’m no prize but I’m willing to deal. I'm really appreciative of my great bunch of girlfriends and male friends who are not afraid to tell me to piss off or share a hug when needed.  Much love to all of you  :)

The weddings this year weren’t half bad, despite some whiny-ass bridesmaids – you know who you are! Most of the weddings were really fun, get-togethers with Peiling’s being the most memorable of them all.

Brunch in London, near Corrin's. Brilliant!
I saw a bit more of the world with friends old and new :) having a blast wherever I landed. Let’s see: Bintan, Perth, London and Scotland. Even though I hate long flights, the catching up and the people made for a wonderful time. Plus I got to travel with friends that I rarely see. I won’t be trading that experience for anything in the world! Next year, it’ll be travelling further for a longer period of time. Hopefully Belle is up for it. She better be or else, there will be maiming.

New Perthy friends on a mini road trip
On a bittersweet note, there are friends who fall by the wayside which is a sad fact of life. As painful as a straightforward piece of advice is, I'd rather it over a nonchalant comment any day. We all face different difficulties and it’s reliving to talk things out, laugh and cry over them with a friend rather than stew over it alone. This has nothing to do with pride but pure bonding. There is nothing wrong with showing your vulnerable side either, we all have it and it doesn’t diminish our personalities.

Dance Unlimited performance team
It’s not difficult to maintain friendships but it’s a two-way street. If you can’t take the things I say or are too passive-aggressive to tell me off, then you're not worth it. I may be a lot of things but I will always listen before making a decision. It’s sad when friends drift away, but ultimately that’s their decision.

Despite the crazy work/dance schedule and the injuries sustained this year, I’m in better physical health than ever. Things are feeling and looking good. Well, except the part where I try to emulate the hippo in Fantasia. It’s a weekly tragic-comedy of epic proportions.

That is not to say that things should be relaxed, I’m still determined to perform at more gigs, do another congress (or 2) and then do a solo performance (without losing my nerve). 
To do this, I have to be less of a foodie and alchy. How I’m going achieve the beer diet, I have no idea. My colleagues drink like frat boys on a Friday out.

If there is one resolution that I have, it's this: to get mum to stop saying “salmon fish”. My mother is sweet and all but saying “salmon fish” just kills me! 

 Instead of a list of resolutions, I have an affirmation:

I start the year anew with hopes and wishes I hold true
I release the things I can't control, can't reconcile and no longer understand
I look forward to the onset of new challenges and things that come in hand
to help me grow and flourish and be better than I currently am


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