Dating and the single female

It seems that after a while, almost everyone I know has tried or is trying out online dating sites to see if they can meet that elusive other half. Not that there is anything wrong with being introduced to potential dates or meeting people at clubs, bookstores or at your building but online sites tend to offer people the more direct route into someone’s personality before you meet them.

Over the last weekend, a bunch of girlfriends and I we were discussing the types of people that we’ve come across in our various online/offline expeditions.
  1. Interviewers. Intense sorts who ask a lot of questions. All you can think is: am I interviewing for a job? (and why did I say yes to talking to this fella?)
  2. Serial shaggers. Men who prowl dating sites for an easy lay. Some actually bother with a nice introduction schpiel before launching into their actual intentions.  
  3. BFFs. Guys who want to widen their social circle, meet more friends, etc. This is the category that most guys fall into. 
  4. The undecided. These types should be shown the door immediately. They have no freaking clue what they want because they probably just broke up. They will tell you their life story and can't decide if they want to date, should date or continue dating. They probably can’t find their way out of a paper bag while holding a flashlight.
Thus far, the results have been less than stellar. At most, we've  all made a few new friends. At worst, we had to fend off some horny asshole or another. I have to say that while being propositioned is somewhat flattering, it’s not how most women work. I'm disturbed that some guys actually think that they can get away with such things, especially in Singapore. Hello, did you think I was born yesterday?  It’s quite disturbing but is this the new way of dating? You shag someone first then decide if you want to continue to see them? I don’t think I will ever get this concept.

I have to say though, that the most frustrating, hair-tearing type to meet online is the ‘almost right one’. You click, you find so many things about each other that are complementary and you can hold a decent conversation. Then at the last moment, he either does a Houdini, or ups and says ‘let’s just be friends’ or ‘I don’t think I’m ready for a relationship’. Un-fucking-believable.

The one thing I did cotton to early is that whether online or offline, some main dating rules still apply.
  • Always look great. Whether it's your profile picture or your general appearance. Make the effort. No one wants to date a slob or the bag your inner slob for later.  Shallow? Of course. If anything, online dating allows you sift out the chaff even faster. 
  • Be yourself. Nerves get the best of us, but both parties will enjoy themselves more if you relax a little and be yourselves.
  • Never reveal information you don't have to. Enigmatic is the word! 
  • Keep dates brief, but your date interested. Less is always more.
At the rate I'm going, it seems that I'd be better off diving back to my busy schedule. What is the point, really?

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