Online, offline, sidelined?

Pop quiz: How many of you still read the traditional newspapers and think that it is the be-all and end-all for news reporting?

Sure, we all started out reading the newspapers and watching the news but how many of us can now say that these are the only things that we read? The Internet has become so evolved now with apps, social media networks, news portals and blogs that information is simply overwhelming. For someone working in the media, it can become really crazy.

What I really love about being online and social networking is that it presents you with more than one way of reaching out to people. Be it Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook or MySpace, there is definitely some other way  of reaching out to your target audience apart from email, the phone and uh fax. The key lies in how you develop your messages to target the right audiences. If it is reaching out to friends, you can personalize almost anything. Marketing-wise, it all looks easy, putting up a page of Facebook but what do you want people to do about it? How do you get them to care for a cause that you are passionate about? How do you get a reaction? Sure, you can go down the controversial route but is that really how you want to market yourself?

But there is one group of people that seem to be harder to reach. These are what I like to call the Internet Rebels. People who think 'why should I read more than what is reported in the papers'? People who refuse to get in any of the social networks or access more information from different sites, 'because everyone else is on it'. To these people, I say, WAKE UP! The world is moving along without you. It's ok to stay in your archaic ways. I'm just saying that reaching out to people or even reading news off different sites is just another way of communicating and not the only way of communicating. 

But what is so wrong, really? Social networking is a great option for the non-communicators. Those who can't be bothered about the world or anything, except for themselves. Let me tell you, it's a fantastic way of spying on people without getting yourself involved in human emotions or any sort of nonsense. You can look into people's lives without caring what they think about you. You can find out what is wrong with them without asking them! What is there not to like? All you have to do is put your most basic information online, so that although it is you, you can still remain somewhat mysterious. Bonus!

I'm glad that my mother and most of my family members are savvy enough to use their social media accounts to stay in touch with friends and family. It's amazing the amount of gossip you can get from people all over the world. Haha. I personally love it and use it frequently for work and personal purposes. I find that it makes my job a lot easier to be in the know about a whole lot of things at once.

At the end of the day is not whether you use online tools or not. It is about how you use it and how you make it effective to you. Don't you agree?

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