In sickness...

After a month of fighting the flu, it has finally arrived. In full force.

Cue: coughing, sneezing, runny nose and all forms of grossness.  Boo. It absolutely sucks when you get sick. What sucks even more, is being sick on the festive weekend. 

How the hell do you enjoy the long weekend? Mine will now be filled with pills and bed. Well, not too bad I suppose, if you add some liquor. Hehe...but frustrating nonetheless cos I have one workshop to do tonight. I can't get out of this cos it is an overseas instructor, sigh. I just hope that won't cough or sneeze the fella to death. Damn you sickness, begone!

I have to be at rehearsal this weekend! The choreo is turning out really nicely. And all the major parts are now completed. We just have to figure out the ending. The wedding is one weekend away and we're almost ready. Can't wait to see the final product. We've been shooting different snippets and blooper shots which should culminate to an interesting video. 

Been back on my dancing feet for a while now. The physio has given me clearance to get back into the classes and start doing jumps. Jumps! You say, well yes, I hurt my lower hamstring so I have to work that muscle and get it moving again. In order to do that, I have a specific set of exercises that I have to do daily. Still the prospect of all that is kind of scary. Injury recovery is the ok part, you do your exercises, get back into the groove and then start with the jumps. 

Part of me is afraid of being injured again hence I'm extra careful about what I do and how much I can take. It's a matter of looking out for myself while getting back on my feet that matters. I've gotten over the "I'm invincible" phase - clearly I am not. Growing older doesn't help that at all and your body will find ways of stopping the madness if you subject it to too much. So take heed and listen to your body, people!

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