A wee taste of the highlands

And wow, what a fantastic taste indeed. I have to say that this holiday was great because there were friends to catch up with, new people to meet and amazing sights, sounds and tastes experienced.

So bags were packed and three women from Singapore and the US headed to London for about 10 days to catch up with our fourth friend, who lives there. The most amazing bit about this trip and the friends I traveled with is that they came from one of the unlikely-est social groups that I've been with. The Canadian Dragons - yes, these are the dragon boaters. No, I never rowed, but the friends that I've made from this group I've remained pretty close with.

That said, 10 days in London and Scotland is not enough. I've seen most of the sights in London during my first trip and this time, I tried not to go too mad with the shopping. On the other hand, Edinburgh as a city was amazing. We took a train to Edinburgh (four hours) and let me say that the first look at the city as you come up from the train station is quite a sight. Where else can you see a cosmopolitan city, surrounded by really old monuments plus a castle in the background?

Mel and I went on our own little trip and spent most of the time exploring the city, its historic castles, the cosy pubs and of course, going on their ever famous ghost tours. I swear, those Scots do love a good ol' blood bath. I can probably think of a person or three I'd like to see strung up and tortured...I'd even bring my own popcorn. Every other corner or rather junction of the city is marked by either a hanging or execution site. We took a day trip up to Oban, Iverary and Loch Lomond and were amazed by the highlands and the gorgeous lochs (or lakes, for you pleebs).

The weather was cold in Scotland. We're talking 1-3 degrees in the day, with frost on the ground in the highlands. Windy and sometimes rain. At one point, we actually came across girls who were wearing short dresses with no tights and slippers - bloody hell...and here we were, all bundled up. The consolation to that is of course the whiskey. Sadly, I'm not much of a whiskey girl - Sue was the one who got the most out of this. Mel & I had many a pint in the pubs to warm up instead.

Back in London, we managed to catch Dirty Dancing. I've always loved the movie but seeing it as a musical had definite perks. That plus a sizzling leading man. *drool* Overall, an astounding trip. Pictures to come in the Flickr box :o)

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