Light up the sky like a flame

Well, not exactly. It's my little bit of indulgence.

Helped out a friend for an article a few months back and finally saw the article printed in Oct's issue of Simply Her Singapore. Woo hoo =)

Incidentally, the reporter who interviewed me also shares my name. I believe that every woman should have a hobby that she loves and that it should challenge her not just physically, but mentally. Hobbies expand our horizons and is a great way of making new friends and meeting people. Plus, it keeps us from being bored.

So what are you waiting for? Take that cooking class, attempt that blog or even go out mountain climbing! Take a friend if your shy but ultimately try something just because you want to. Trust me, it can be great fun :o)

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Mike said...

my next hobby is eating sushi buffet.

Bitchy Witchy said...

That is your next trick dah...LOL

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