Freeze frame!

It's probably something in the air or water but suddenly a whole bunch of friends are sick or injured. Everything from severe back pains to eye infections and sprains. I happened to catch a doozy of my own. Not happy.

On my part, my dancing has caught up with me. Sheesh. I try to space each session away from each other but somehow that didn't pan out. So now, I'm doing Tues (ballet, 1.5hrs), Wed (salsa, 2hrs) and Sat (salsa, 2hrs). It is quite heavy, I admit. I used to to Mon - Wed and Sat. Looking at it another way, I guess my schedule is not as bad as professional dancers who are doing shows every night.

What started out as a muscle pull behind the knee turned into one heck of a swollen knee. The physio says that it is a lower hamstring injury which can reoccur and even worsen if I don't get some rest :( Hence, sidelined for two weeks and no heels. It's not the rest that bothers me, it is the lapse where the body tends to lag that gets me, which means that getting back into the routine could be a little painful. The only thing I can do to keep fitness levels up is swimming. Even swimming, I have to do more freestyle than breast strokes. Why? Thanks to my back injury from last year, I now have to do specific sets of exercises to warm up my back muscles before getting jiggy with anything.

Still, I have to get well! So, no funny business cos I want to be part of the Nov wedding :o) Practiced too hard to let that one go. Plus it's fun...hehe.

Sigh, the older you get, the more injury prone you are.I don't remember being as injury prone as a kid who competed regularly in school sports. Guess being younger means you recover much faster from whatever injuries incurred. At my age now, I know that there is nothing much can be done about that. The best way of averting injury is still proper warm ups and rest (and definitely no being a pig).

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