You can't always get what you want

This past weekend saw the full moon lunar eclipse which resulted in some crazy behaviour. According to astrologers, our moods are affected by the changing tides of the moon (or something like that - I'm at best, an armchair astrologer). It certainly proved true in one situation this weekend.

As some of you may know, I'm going to be part of a good friend's bridal entourage come September. The bride, who is a really cool chick, actually set out to tailor the bridesmaid's dress for all seven of her 'sisters' or bridesmaids. She sent us dress samples, colors and told us to pick what we wanted. The good news is that we all settled on the same fuschia, halter dress.

What she probably didn't count on was four of her bridesmaids wimping out on her. The cows.

Apparently four of them went to get their dresses altered over the weekend, and as a herd decided that the dress (1) made them look fat (2) was too low cut! Reality check: you are probably fat in the first place! Also, since you are at the tailors, did it occur to you that the woman can bring up the neckline? Freaking airheads. Imagine the surprise when another friend and I got messages from the bride to tell us that we could wear anything we wanted on her wedding day.

What pissed me off royally is that these ladies gave no thought or consideration to the bride who probably has a million other things to worry about rather than bitching about the dress. Did they even stop to realize that as bridesmaids, we are the supporters of the happy occasion and not the stars? The dress is paid for. It's not like we can return them. I've attended weddings where the bridesmaids wore the most garish outfits, this is certainly not the case. Well, until now. So now we're supposed to be at the wedding looking like what? Individuals attending a party? Thanks for spoiling the bride's weekend, you cows.

This brings me to another thought. If you didn't like the final choice that was decided upon, why didn't anyone voice out their concern to the bride? If that had been done, we may have different dresses today. However, since that didn't happen, the wise thing would be to shut-up and wear the damned dress. Furthermore, the bride has told everyone that they will be part of the official wedding photographs. Now the woman has yet another thing to work out - how the hell to fit in a mish-mash of idiots into my official wedding portraits.

The tailor, who probably saw a good portion of her business walk out of the door remarked that the bride should just get rid of the pissants. I agree. But the bride is a nice girl - unlike me. I'd have told the bitches to shut the fuck up and wear the freaking dress cos it sure ain't their wedding. And if they didn't like it, they can always be replaced.

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Daphne Maia said...

I LOVE THIS ENTRY. hahahaahaha. i agree with you on all counts. as i told u before. in person. but i just had to say it again. to show u tht i actually read ur blog. :D <3 i'm mad. it's not the full moon.

Bitchy Witchy said...

You are damn cute lah!

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