Little voices in your head

This week's post is inspired by a good friend, The Big Bald Scary Guy.

We all have it. That niggly inner voice that pipes up every time we attempt to do something. It seems to up and whisper maliciously, 'you caannn'tt ddoo itt', or 'don't do ittt'. Oftimes, the voice is negative, telling you to err on the side of caution.

Caution is good - it's great, especially when you are about to do something that you know in you head sounds right. All good, except when caution turns to fear, or negativity. How then do you get over the fear and negativity? Airing your queries to friends is great but then again, the choice still lies with you. Talking to a million people won't help you, neither is listening to that little voice.

Here's a radical idea. You can choose NOT to listen to that voice. Sure, it helps you check your crazy ideas before taking a plunge but sometimes it restricts you too. Fear cripples you. It stunts personal growth and allows environmental noise and others' opinions get the best of you. Do you choose to act a certain way because of that little voice, of what others' think, or because you want to try something new for yourself?

My thought is this. Positive thinking is not about just listening to others. It is thinking smart and making the most informed decision that you can after hearing all sides out. Sometimes, you should take a step back and tell that little voice, 'yes I hear you. I know that you care but now, I need to make my decision.'

I've had instances where friends or even family refuse to listen to any opinions, sought or otherwise because they are adamant in their decision. Decisiveness s is cool. However, it needs to be checked if everyone is expressing the same opinion. It is then time to take a step back to listen. Being stubborn hurts no one but yourself. It shows that you are letting the fear rule you. Don't do that!

We all have a little fear of the unknown. Exploring options towards self betterment means that you are taking an important step. You are empowering yourself with the tools to look, be and feel better. How bad can that be? Ultimately, you become a stronger person because you have explored these options. No one can fault you and you can't look back in regret or thoughts of 'shoulda, woulda, coulda.'. So, heads, up people and stride bravely ahead!

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