Let the music move your feet

The LXD or Legion of Extraordinary Dancers is an online series that has been gathering major hype over the last year. Street dancers have some of the most inventive moves and these guys are some of the best. They never fail to impress me everytime they perform.

Performing (whether it is dancing, singing or acting) is not just about doing steps or memorizing prose. I see it as having the ability to combine moves with music, with words to form a seamless art form or purely art.  For dancers, it's not about remembering steps to a set form of music, it is about letting your feet move to the music, any music and about letting yourself go. Something that looks stupid at first may turn out to be an unforgettable. It's been an inspiring journey guys and I can't wait to catch the online series which premiers on 7 July 2010...woo hoo!


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