Tearing it down

And so, the event that was the bane of our collective existence has finally ended. Just how tiring are these things? You ask. Like most events, once things take off, we just chug till the end. No fuss, no complaints. Anyhoo, explaining what we all did would take too much time so here's the picture...

Thanks to Renai, who was at the right place, the right time.

The man in the picture is salesforce.com's director of Platform Research Peter Coffee (uh doing some research). LOL. We don't see this often, but we were all at this stage by the end.

My biggest regret for the event? Not taking a picture with the inimitable, Sassy, who was wandering around and doing his picture rounds *pouts* 

I betcha my boss would like nothing better than to  tackle the fella...and ah, you too, MC. Too funny. But still, what's a good event without the pictures to prove it? Sheesh. Renai, if you see this, I'd like the video too...yes, I am a mad thing.

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