Up, down, trying to find that feeling again

It's been a mixed week. Work was rather high-stress, which is relatively normal but sometimes, I wish that people would get their act together so that things can progress better. Even though I can be a massive dork at times, its not reassuring when people in high places demonstrate that they can be worse that you.

Friends are good and bad. There is the one that is really hard to reach, ones that suddenly choose to kick up a fuss where there is nothing and ones where I had such a great time hanging out with. It's comforting to know that you can relax and be with friendly faces at the end of a tough week or day. And then, just when I'm about to move on to psyching-mode for the week ahead, I got news that a good friend's mum passed away :(

Awww...it is tough hearing such news. Even tougher when the friend involved is a good one who now lives in the UK. The good thing is that she is with her mum and her family during this time but the daunting thing is, her best mates are all in Singapore.

It's times like this when you wished that the world was just a wee bit smaller so that you can reach out to people who matter to give them comfort and reassurance. Emails, calls and sms-es can only go so far. You feel sad for them but that's just that. We take solace in each other through the wires when it should be in person.

To N - I know it's very heartbreaking, my dear but things will get better. You are a strong, warm-hearted person who has lots of people who love you and things will get better soon. My deepest condolences, N. Please take care of yourself and your family. *Hugs*

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