Knock three times

Its the night of the Singapore International Film Festival, where three girls decided to be part of set and show up in similar outfits.

Excitement ran high as the three stepped into the Hard Rock Cafe. The staff, were very amused. Singaporeans at large, were oblivious. Not many double takes or sniggers. Sigh. In evil response, the triplets decided to take as many annoying shots as possible. All over the place. Check out the photos in the Flickr link :p

Hilarity aside, it took nothing away from the night's movie, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Adapted from the best-selling novel of the same name, I have to say that the critics got this Swedish movie right on the money. Although the movie started slow, the moment it kicked into gear, it grips the audience and hardly lets up, right up till the end.

Its only April, but thus far, this movie has the most complete and succinct storyline and pacing I've seen in a long time. The pauses are few but when the shocks and violence comes, it wallops you in the gut. At the end of the movie, we walked out feeling like we've been on a really intense roller coaster ride, nerves jumping all over the place. But why just hear it from me? Go catch it and be your own judge.


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