Repeat offender

What in the hell?! 

I woke up this morning to the tune of the neighbours and the RC chairman banging on my window and door. I sleepily got up, only to smell paint on my front door. I had two missed calls and a text message from the neighbours informing me about the mess.

Thankfully, they called the police too and by the time I placed my call, the men in blue were on the way. I am feeling super tu lan (this is hokkien for annoyed, followed by a string of expletives). The police came by to take my statement and there I was, all bleary eyed and sleepy. Despite being sleepy, I asked if they will consider putting up cameras because almost everyone has been vandalised now. Response: we will see. Na beh. Are you waiting for someone's house to burn down first?

This is the second time since January 2010 that my door is vandalized by loansharks. This time, they did it while I was sleeping and most likely in the wee hours of the morning.

Along the same floor, my neighbours have experienced the same thing. The kind uncle next door who waters my plants and looks out for us got nice splatters of brown too. While the other couple who live next to him got their own splatters too.

The photo above shows the unit and mobile number of the offenders. According to the police, these idiots pleaded innocence when they were investigated. But seriously, how innocent can you be if the mobile number is yours? This time, the mobile number is different but I'm thinking, we should just call it for fun and see who answers. I know that there have been cases of mistakes but this is too much. And you are vandalizing the neighbours because this is some reverse psychology? Grow the fuck up!

If you are wondering what happened in Jan, here (right) is the photo.

My mum, as mums normally do, freaked out the first time and got my aunt to help clean the door immediately after the police left. This time, I'm going to adopt the uncle's stance and leave the red on. Why? To show that hey, you already did my door. I refuse to change the door or remove the paint. What if I did and they vandalized it again? I can't keep buying doors and frankly, it just pisses me off.

So while I'm hoping that the police will solve this, I am also hoping that the neighbour who is responsible for borrowing money is shamed into paying it. Or moving away. Yes, I can be an armchair psychologist too. I've heard the loanshark stories and I hope that things will not escalate or get worse, especially to the neighbours who do not owe the loanshark anything. We do not need to pay for the sins for others.

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