Everybody needs a piece of the action

I've been on a mad movie bender with the girls and its been great, if a little bit of a pain-in-the-ass. The pain comes from sitting in all the weird little cinemas.

Thus far, we've caught a Fellini retrospective, A Year with Take Dance (pronounced Ta-ke Dance, cos the founder is Japanese!), the entertaining Mexican movie Rudo y Cursi and the ultra violent, yet hilarious, Kick-Ass. All over one weekend.

I really love films and the one thing that still stands out for me is, the story and how its told. Catching so many films in one weekend showed the power and differing styles of the directors. It showed that even a master like Frederico Fellini had problems when delivering a film as complex as 8 1/2 - how the hell do you show what is going on in the protagonist's mind back when the movies were still in black and white? It also shows that if anyone wants to make it big in film, they have to be up-to-date on the medium, its channels and the formats that film can come in. Or they have to pick a compelling subject matter. But enough grousing.

Here is the film that we're planning to watch soon. This is the follow-up to, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, titled, The Girl Who Played with Fire.Hopefully with lots of good company and pillows, so that we have something to hide behind when things get hairy....


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