I like to move it, move it!

I've always been fascinated by belly dancing. Long before it was commercialized by pop stars, I always thought that it would be an interesting dance to pick up. There is something so sensual about a woman who has total control over her body and who knows that she can use that power to captivate her audience. I actually learnt the basics a few years back with Corrin but then, we had a very erratic teacher who was more interested in just dancing than showing a pair of newbies the foundation moves.

On J's recommendation, I signed up with Belly Dance Discovery, one of the leading belly dancing schools in Singapore. Thanks Yanti, for the scarf, that certainly got me going :o) Thus far, classes have been great, although, not as easy as it looks. The amount of control that you need to build up is amazing. I find myself constantly challenged in each class, which is a great thing. So, at the end of the first eight weeks, here is the Level 1 video. Not as funny as the pole one, but still, not as bad as I thought it would be.


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