Simple pleasures

Work has been crazy this past week, where all the clients are suddenly alive and they expect you to do a ton of things without considering consequences (well, that's my job - I function as a proxy brain).

But instead of letting things overwhelm me, I chose to take a little time out each day to focus on the good part of my day. So, don't let things drive you mad. Here's my list of the top 5 simple pleasures:

1) Enjoy the rain. I was headed out of the house one day when I saw the rain coming at me from right across a field. Spectacular? Yea. How often do you get to see the rain coming at you? I really love the rain, all the drama of the wind, and the torrents pouring down, cleansing the environment around us. Its fantastic! More fantastic if you are indoors and watching the rain but a good rain just makes everything so much newer and fresher afterwards.

2) Two weeks ago, I realized that my back is fully functional  again. Woo hoo! Throwing my back out was probably one of the worst things ever. Aside from the pain, I had to re-learn how to take care of myself so that I won't get hurt again. Being sidelined from dancing sucks. Now that I'm back on the dance floor, I'm determined to improve on my general dancing, which is really important in what I do  :o)

3) Enjoying a meal with friends. No fuss, no frills but lots of fun :o) A meal, any meal, is made that much better with company. That is what I really love - especially the part where you get together and bitch about work and life in general.

 4) Listening to crazy doggy antics from crazy friends whose pets are so much a part of their lives. Are they really like that? Yes, so I know that most pets can be farty and tarty but still...sometimes its too fun to hear the stories. Yay doggies!

5) Certain people may call it being an alchy but I say, nothing eases the pain of the day as well as a nice drink plus some decent grub (yea, I'm a girl who enjoys her food, if you choose to be a food pansy, you're in the wrong company) :o) put that together with a book book or a cool movie and you're all set for a wonderful night.

Just some simple pleasures but it helps the day go by that much easier. Could I do with more? Well, yea but why draw up and long-winded list when small things are enough to make you just a little happier?

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