Unfold your paper heart and wear it on your sleeve

So I’m being gripe-y, but what is it about Facebook (FB) or Twitter that makes people think that they have to keep updating their status for the whole world to see?

On one hand, there is the happy news of friends announcing an engagement or an impending marriage. That's a big, life-changing step, so yay guys! And then there are the people who change status, one moment single, then in a relationship then it’s complicated then break up then come back together or hook up with someone else – what’s up with that? So you’re in a relationship, big fucking deal. Isn’t relationship status a private thing that you confide or announce only to your closest mates? And by announce, I mean physically tell them too.

While FB and Twitter are great tools to keep up with friends, it can really be annoying especially with people forever announcing their changing status. It takes away any intimate elements that function as part of the human culture of basic interaction.

Maybe instead of just stating so and so is in a relationship, FB should have a button that says so and so is ‘awarded the bravery star – for putting with my crap’. Or better yet, why doesn't FB just remove this button or make it static so that it doesn't update the whole world?

Yes, I am happy that someone wants to put up with your shit and so are your 200+ acquaintances or friends. But it frustrates me to no end that people just love doing it. Why can’t you put up something worth thinking about instead?

This leads me to the next question, would I update my status should I get into a relationship?

Hell no. I don't need Joe Blow to know my business. I’d tell my friends and family, but that’s about it. What is the point of telling every single acquaintance or even workk contact that you are in a relationship? It’s none of their business. If I eventually get married, then perhaps, but until then, I am choosing to let my status remain.

People may not realize it, but it is fucking annoying to wear your heart on your sleeve. What happens when you break up? The 200+ acquaintances or friends will collectively go ‘aww’ and write on your wall to give you a virtual hug? Get a life. Take a real hug please, and stop wearing your vulnerabilities online. No one really gives a shit...they are thinking, 'oh, poor sod got dumped, was probably shite anyway'.

Again, Facebook, save everyone the pain and please just remove the useless status function.

At the heart of it, FB and Twitter are really fun, especially since we all love self exploitation and indulgence these days but just hold the relationship status updates, for goodness sake!


Anonymous said...

Shrake, I agree 100%... See why I'm not a fan... Sure, it's a networking tool to stay in touch with folks. But surely you'll want to meet these folks you care about instead of just telling them what you're telling 200 other people? What happened to heads up?

Bitchy Witchy said...

Exactly! There is no personal touch in FB at all...and sometimes it makes people seem more callous too

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