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I haven't blogged for so long, I almost forgot how. But then again, I have too many things to say and opinions to voice. It's terrible at times.

London's wonderful. I've been all over the city, visiting friends, going to museums and basically getting lost (which incidentally is the best way to see any city). London's great and is probably one city I can also live in. The city is beautiful with a mix of old architecture and new. It's relatively easy to navigate and in all honesty, I don't mind living here. But whether that is something I will do depends on a lot of factors...still, it is a great city with space for art and culture and the great thing is that it doesn't give me the same rushed vibe as Hong Kong or Japan...which stressed me out even though I am on holiday.

But Nush is lucky...she has a great place which is ridiculous close to anywhere and everywhere. She's five mins away from everything...cannot stand! I'll post pictures when i get back. Thus far, I've managed to catch up with most of the gang in London and even managed to swing by the London office...hahaha...

Things are good and it's nice just wandering around. Over the next few days, it's more catching up time with friends, going to the theatre (yes, I am gay that way) and then...shopping. Hopefully I don't kill myself with the shopping but it'll be fun. There are sales everywhere!

The downside of wandering about town by yourself is that it can get a little lonely with no one to share an opinion with. But other than that, it's been a facinating ride, with much to see and do. Who knows what the holiday will bring?

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