All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go

Standing at the Changi Airport Terminal 3 to add this last post is not the most glamourous thing, but then again, it's probably the only thing I can do now (aside from poking people in Facebook).

My home PC has died the good death and I'm left with nothing but emptiness when I'm home on the weekends. Somehow I didn't realise how much I've come to rely on the damned thing. No, I don't have the insane urge to Twitter all the bloody tie but adding a nice post when the idea stikes me is fantastic...that or chatting with everyone in the world (well, my world).

We'll see. I'm off to London for a nice break from all the madness of the SE event and endless preparations over the last month. Then it's back to SG and time to contemplate getting a replacement for Vincent (yes, I name my gadgets, insanity has no bounds) . Watch of pictures! Hopefully Nush has a cable I can shanghai...mwahahhahaha...

Farewell for now.

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