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Although not many people have seen this movie, Velvet Goldmine is one of my all time favorites and has a soundtrack to die for. Surprisingly enough, I caught this many years back at the Singapore International Film Festival. And if you know the story, the fact that it was passed almost entirely intact (and in Singapore) was amazing. Music-wise, you can't possibly go wrong with the likes of Grant Lee Buffalo, Bryan Ferry and Thom Yorke (Yes, I do make exceptions sometimes).

Back from the hols and feeling lots perkier. Bali is a gorgeous place but is probably not somewhere I'd want to retire in. Thailand still has that vote.

What was great about the holidays was keeping up with old friends and making new ones too. How knew that deep down we all share the same cam-whorishness?

Still, the trip was a good break for all and the photos, awesome!

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