I find it kinda funny, I find it kinda sad

What is it about relationships that is just so difficult?

Perhaps we're just a complicated species by nature. Perhaps we're just not that into each other or whatever, perhaps, we're all just kinda mad. Of the multitudes of relationships that I've heard of, come across and maybe even experienced, here are three main ones that I want to gripe about.

  1. The traditional notion of a relationship: boy meets girl, falls in love and they get married and live happily ever after. Fairytale? Well, for some people, yes. This can happen but we all know that nothing is perfect. People work at relationships to make things good. But we are also aware of how the fairytale works out, don't we? There are the times of bliss and the times where you have to fight for the one you love and believe that you can make it. It's usually the people who don't believe in fighting who are the ones disappointed.

  2. Then there is the one where the boy or sometimes girl, complicates things when there is simply nothing to complicate. While I have many examples, I will restrain myself to one. We have a man who is interested in two women, one where the woman was open to taking that step with him to pursue something new and another one where he was interested in the woman but is unsure about taking that step to take things further.The sad thing is, he is confused about who he wants and what he wants. I wonder in this case, will he ever make a decision? At the end of the day, one thing is clear. He is one confused man who has no idea what to make of things. Let me give you a tip. Nothing will happen if you don't take that first step. It's a leap of faith, ok? And yes, we get hurt sometimes, but nothing will happen if you don't try.

  3. And then there is the one where the relationship simply exists online. Is this truly the evolution of the modern relationship? With so many social networks springing up online now, we've all heard of people or friends who meet online, eventually meet for real and marry or have concrete relationships but in all honesty, does this really work? How will you know whether to believe it if some guy online tells you that the loves you? Heck, he could say that to 10 other women. He could have women posting love notes on his Facebook page. Ha. Call me a cynic but I would much rather believe someone who tells me he loves me face to face over someone who only exists in an online relationship. I admit, it is sweet to have someone profess love but I don't believe you can truly know someone unless you meet them in person.

    Admittedly, it is much easier to meet people online than it is in person but still, technology takes away much of the essence of a person.
Recently I was speaking a friend who deems himself a non-stereotypical Arabic man. Haha...he has a point when he says that relationships can exist despite across different time zones. It set me thinking, can they really? How would you know or claim to know a person if you have never met them before? And yes, while you can cam and Skype, it's difficult to hug your cam in bed. Or better yet, have you cam hug you. While I don't detract I believe it's the human contact and intimacy that is truly missing in the

I know that it's not the easiest thing in the world (nothing is) but sometimes relationships that I observe makes me happy that I am single. Why go through all this hassle if it is going to be so difficult?

I believe that we go through the rollercoaster ride of relationships, to establish two things. One, that we are human and two, that no matter how rational we try to be, sometimes, it's the feelings and the sentiments that matter the most. Admittedly, I am an emotional person and one who is more suceptible to thinking with my heart but it has shown me a few things. That yes, I am alive and I am also willing to risk a little of my heart to get what I want, even though sometimes, it means getting hurt.I'd rather try than never do anything at all.

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