Back on the chain gang

Lies, deceit, drama, sex, love, sickness and lots of wine and friends.

These days, my life seems to be more of a reality TV series and so far from the mundane that I crave for normalcy. I spend my days at work, nights in dance practice and weekends with the girls trying to sort out our lives.

All I can say is thank god for friends. For without them, I'd probably be mired in depression and thinking of killing certain people. Well, I still do but that's another story for another day. Where once I would bottle things up inside, this time around, I feel it is much easier to cope if I had people around me. There is advice, reprimands and of course, the support.

Sometimes I wish that things were much simpler. But that is a more naive belief, I suppose. Somehow, the older we get, what happens is that we get more street that the wiser thing that we were constantly told about? Some people on the other hand, believe they are smarter than they are and attempt to pull the wool over other's eyes. Others, tend to complicate things unnecessarily.

Sigh. I say, why can't we all exist without games? Or, will we somehow be lesser of a person if we heard the truth about us spoken out loud? I prefer honesty, yes, I may reel from some of it but I guess things will be a lot less complicated if people were honest about things.

Right now, I'm going to take me and my bruised heart to rest. It's been one heck of a bruising journey and I could do with a recovery period.

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