One more night

Recently I was asked to recommend a few songs for DC's gorgeous people stint. In reviewing the song's I've selected, she commented, well, you seem to like a lot of morose music.

Morose, me? You're crazy, I replied. Listen to your selections, she said, amused.

I have to admit that my taste in music is rather eclectic. Looking through it, the playlist is mostly indie, with some latin, rock, pop, jazz and a sprinkling of soul...there's Muse, Suede, a whole lotta bands beginning with 'The' and Morrisey...wait a min...bloody hell.

This what is most unique about indie music, it's not about how good looking the band is. It's about writing the most morose lyrics, masked by the upbeat and often, happy sounding music. But this is also why I love it...where else can you get lyrics like "
I wanted freedom/Bound and restricted /I tried to give you up/But I'm addicted", Sing for Absolution - Muse or "You'll never touch him again so get what you can/Leaving him empty just because he's a man/So good when it ends, they'll never be friends/One more night, that's all they can spend", One More Night - Stars. Incidentally, the band just played to a sold-out concert at The Esplanade last week. Judging from the crowd at the concert and also from other sold out indie gigs in Singapore (such as Deathcab for Cutie and Broken Social Scene), indie music has a very strong audience base which is a welcome change to fans like me.

But back to the lyrics. The songs touch something deep, yet real in each one of us, not something which is manufactured, which is what is begin regurgitated by the mavens of the music industry today. Sometimes painful, oftimes amusing and at times inspiring, the one thing these songs never fail to be is a beautful snapshot of a moment in someone's life. Ah well, I'm just thankful that I have the music to carry me through each day. For what it's worth, thanks, guys.

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