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It's six days into 2009 and I am still in review mode. I've finally sorted out some of the more interesting things which I've done this year.

This first video is a team building exercise which we did for work. In Dec 2008, the entire office headed off to Malacca for a retreat and we were assigned to produce an RFP to attract people to Malacca. I have to say, we had an entire thing planned, only to change it at the last moment into this:

That said, the video bagged us 3rd prize, with the heat stroke working in our favor in the end. Heh.

Now, this second video is my maiden performance with Dance Unlimited - and the debut of the infamous blue costume. I have to confess that this was not the most easy costume to be in but at the end of the day, we looked really good. I've always loved salsa and in 2008, took it step further to increase the number of performances. Tally for 2008 was three, which was fantastic, considering the year's crazy workload. We've only managed to film this one performance, it was put together from three separate parts...apologies for the weird choppy bits!

IN case you were wondering, yes, this is the performance with the Ah Pek gatals (pervy middle aged men) that was done in Jurong Point. Horrors...

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