For what it's worth, it was worth all the while

Rollercoaster, exhausting, whirlwind: three words I’d use to describe 2008. If you’ve been reading this blog, I am finally catching a breather by being on a well-deserved holiday now.

Work is mostly crazy and exhausting, especially in the latter half of the year. While madness prevailed at the beginning and middle of these projects, I did feel a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment by the time they concluded. A few of the projects were really interesting because of the new challenges they presented and the interesting people that I’ve come into contact with, while one project in particular one stuck out for being too ridiculous in the obstacles which kept being thrown at us. You know which one this is.

Where work is concerned, I’ve got a stronger perspective and I’m on surer footing of where I am headed. I just hope that people won’t overwork me as madly as they did this year. That above all was the most unrewarding part of the work; to be on endless projects without a breather or even a proper brief.

This year was also the year of the firsts. While I can’t mention all of them here, there are the highlights where I

  • Explored the underground tunnels and war memorials of bloody hot Darwin under the watchful eye of the police
  • Learned how to make spaghetti carbonara from scratch and appreciate jazz in a whole new light
  • Had lots and lots of delicious martinis at Morton’s with many adventuresome friends
  • Got me eyeballs sliced for vanity’s sake (yes, I am woman, hence vanity is mandated)
  • Performed at a packed-out venues with many Ah Pek gatals (old pervs)
  • Turned up at work as a clone
  • Fell in love all over again with…my nieces from afar. As to whether I’ve have fallen in love, well, we’ll see….

This post is dedicated to the acquaintances who gradually became close friends that have shared a few exhilarating adventures and opened their lives to me. You guys made my life richer and that much more interesting for just being there.

Then there are the close friends who have moved away but it still feels as though they have never left. Despite being a continent away, they’re always clued into the best gossip. Dammit, macham wire service! Along the way I’ve turned away from people who have been less of a friend than someone I never really knew in the first place.

And then there are the loved ones who I had to say goodbye to. It’s inevitable but there have been one too many funerals in the family. I, for one will deeply miss you, mama.

On a personal reflection, I’ve learnt to let go somewhat and go with the flow. I guess this my way of managing my own expectations. Little by little, I’m better at recognizing that not everyone is as opinionated as I nor do they adhere to the same standards as me. Easier said than done and I’m still grappling with some of these expectations. Ah well…baby steps, right?

As for that New Year’s resolution? I’m definitely as keen as the next person to see what is in store for me. And yes, I do have some wishes and hopes for 2009 but these have to be kept in the heart, for only then would it come true :o)

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Alicia said...

i miss her feels surreal somehow. And sometimes, it doesn't even feel like she's gone...what a year...looking forward to a brighter 2009!

Bitchy Witchy said...

Here's to a brighter year ahead! Despite any challenges!

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