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It’s been a crazy few weeks but I can almost see the light. My holidays coming up the bend in about two weeks and I am looking towards it like a drowning man eying a raft in the horizon.

Pop quiz: if you could be any superhero, which one would you be? This silly quiz was sent by Liz to lighten my day. Being the idiot that I am, I naturally took the quiz and almost died laughing at the results. Wouldn’t you be if you turned out to be Supergirl? Wahahahhaha…Now, every good must be countered with some bad, right? Hence I found the super villain quiz to counter it. And boy, will the shrinks have a field day with this one. The Joker?! Geez. Yes, I am bored sometimes ;)

In a quick snap poll, I had friends who want to be: A pornstar (so he can be a hero to millions of women), Iron Man (rich genius), Peter Petrelli (like a human sponge!) and Batman (crazy). But me…well, I’ve always had this one superhero that I’d always want to be like. Or rather, had loads of fun impersonating…are you ready for this?

Hehe…Di, well she almost fell off her chair when she heard. Yea! It’s Captain Caveman! Dammit, no one can swing a club and go all crazy happy like he can :o) Take note, anyone who wants to be my's not about if you are a rich genius with's about inner happiness. Or total wackiness. Heh...

My love for wacky characters stems from my childhood. From the Wacky Races to the Animaniacs to Scooby Doo, there is something so childlike yet terribly ridiculous and funny about the situations they all get in and try to recover from. How can you not laugh at the silly way they interpret things? In the case of the
Animaniacs, it was a reinterpretation of pop culture as we see it. Sometimes, I figure that animating it just makes it funnier - it certainly doesn't detract from its messages. But the one series that I loved above all was definitely The Muppet Show which came with madcap humor, a perpetually harassed stage manager and lots of divas abound :o)

It’s funny how much I loved cartoons and such sitcoms when I was growing up, over the things that are produced these days. That said, there are a few gems these days that I actually wake up on a Saturday morning for :o) Yes, I still do wake up to The Batman as well as Spongebob Squarepants...with cartooons this good, it's a wonder that some part of me still wishes to remain a child.


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