Its black , its white

Although everyone here works like crazy, we like to have fun too and sometimes the creative masterminds in the office has a funny way of showing people that they care, especially on their birthdays.

This year along, there was a foil wrapped table, a bollywood beauties island, a toilet paper-ed desk one, the Halloween table and my favorite, the balloon filled one and now...the B-M creative team presents....The attack of the clones.

It's like where's Waldo in the office on a Friday.

The inspiration for the day stemmed from the birthday girl herself :o) And for once, almost everyone got into the act, which was really a lark.

Deb is a great account director whose one great quirk is dressing in her black shirt and white shirt getup every single day. I kid you not...she has been fairly consistent since the day I joined with was 2.5 years ago.

But still...we love you and Happy Birthday Debs!

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