It’s not your birthday anymore

I’m two years into my 30th and I’m still feeling my way in. My heart’s a little more fragile, my head’s getting stronger but through it all, I still have that weird sense of humor.

My heart’s been through some ups and downs. Although all is fine with me, sometimes, I wished that I could shut off some feelings so that they wouldn’t overwhelm me so. Perhaps it’s me wanting or expecting too much, hence the heartbreak. But then again, I don’t believe in half measures. I believe that you should go out to pursue what you want and be courageous enough to accept when things may not go your way. Yes, this does result in pain but then again, if you just sit back, then absolutely nothing will happen.

Somehow, turning older makes me feel a little detached. I still love birthday parties and all the madness that goes into them but on a personal level, I don’t feel any different. Yes, the body’s a little older, the mind’s a little wiser but the overall package is well…the same.

Perhaps it’s me. Perhaps we’re all mellowing out but I somehow don’t feel the need or the desire to party like a loon anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy partying as much as the next girl but these days, I rarely venture out specifically to party anymore. It’s too draining, I don’t like the music and the drinks suck. Yes, I am picky. The best chance of seeing me on a dance floor is at Union Square. Or, there is always spontaneous dancing ;o)

This year, I had a fantastic birthday with some of my closest friends. Organized by the extremely efficient DL and EC, Belle and I had a wonderful time at the Karma Kettle, a hidden gem in Dempsey Hill. The original plan was to have us show up in Back to School gear...Wait a min…WAT?! After the organizers were treated to a WTF were you thinking?! session for a Friday night party, we eventually settled on a nice dinner with friends.

Drinks and dinner with friends in comparison is an awesome alternative. I loved all the presents – but my favorite has got to be the extremely huggable, Domo. Thanks to my wacky sister and my unintentional use of that particular emoticon! Domo joins the ranks of brown things I love which sleep with me… hehe.

The other one was the amazing Australia package – thank you DC! But why, oh why no Hugh Jackman?! I felt slightly deflated. But such is the hardship...Next time ah, must give a full package, ok!

My sincerest thanks to everyone who came and made our birthday a special one and to those who called from afar or sent their wishes. To those who had initial evil birthday out at your next birthday!

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