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I have a love-hate relationship with Facebook. It seems that every single person who’s found me on Facebook recently is engaged, pregnant, married or pregnant and married…well, the list goes on. You people know who you are…antagonists all.

The good thing is catching up with friends that I’ve not seen in over 20 years. And everyone is scattered from all around the world too. The amazing thing is that you people actually remembered me after so long! I hope it’s good memories, and apologize upfront it’s appalling ones. Yes, I was a terror as a kid too.

The scary thing is that you people are unveiling all sorts of bloody scary photos of us when we were kids! YIKES! Like my overly glamorous specs, yes, I’ve been blind for years but to see those glasses again. Good grief was like I raided Elton John’s glasses collection or something. Hallo…some things, we can keep and laugh to ourselves in private, some things, we should just like…burn man.

Privacy is a scary thing on Facebook. If you don’t disable that particular function, your entire network will be privy to whatever silly game or chat or group that you joined. Ok, so I have issues with the privacy thing and I hate that people can track you online, but still, it is a useful tool to have, especially when everyone’s so scattered

It’s great to see how everyone has grown though. The smart, shy girl who was one of my closest friends in primary school is now a retired school teacher living with her family in Melbourne, the pretty girl who was a bit of a tomboy now has a family and children and living in this city and most amazing of all, the girl who got into the most trouble with me is now married and living with her husband in Dubai. All the memories and all the stories…hahahaha, it is amazing how we’re all connected yet again. And gosh, how everyone has changed and yet the humor and the silliness remains the same.

Honestly, I cannot imagine writing snail mail and waiting by the mailbox for a letter or even a post card now when you can reach out to someone at the click of a mouse.

Which reminds me…Mr Mogel, where are those pictures you promised! I know you read this blog and at the risk of being a naggy female, send pictures of your kids, please! I’d still love to see the pictures though, geez, it’s amazing how long we’ve know each other. Thanks for brightening my otherwise work-filled existence, though. I always love it when I get emails from you.

Now send those pictures, man.

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