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This week marks a milestone in the life of me. For tomorrow, May 15, is my second anniversary with the agency. Two frigging years, baby! I have mixed feelings though.

On one hand, I feel like a bruised grape; all bloody and pulpy, rather like Mr Bump here, on the other, I’m still relatively happy here and the experience has matured me somewhat. All that said though, these two years have been a steep learning curve for me. Here’s what I learnt in my stint at the agency:

  • To become more efficient in adapting to the strange needs of my clients; i.e. take more bullshit and make it news worthy
  • Tamper the bitter pill with some sweet; still in learning stages but I can now tell you positive news even when things are truly tragic
  • Media coverage is the result of extensive groveling, pleading, dropping ‘secrets’, and selling certain types of stories that would not see the light of day without your blood, sweat and sore knees
Some not-so-great traits that I picked up, much to the dismay of my friends and family are however, the abruptness, impatience and bloody arrogance to know that you are absolutely right, no matter what, because, you are the gah-men (or rather, working for them). Ah, for that, I do apologize. Sometimes, I get too caught up in my work.

So what’s next, right? I have some ideas of what I want to do, but we’ll see how things go. In all honesty, the job is pretty ok and there are still more things to learn but I’m at an impasse. The one big setback is that sometimes all the excitement or bullshit sometimes catches up with you and it can get too bloody tough to cope.
I’m still working on that…will send out a press release and do a briefing when I get closer to putting a damper on the mean streak.

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