Putting holes in happiness

New year, new rant...

Sometimes people are just plain weird...I don't know what the hell they are thinking but it's certainly an annoying trait. I was having dinner with a friend sometime back when this came up:

Me: So, how did you do for your exams?
Friend: Aiyah, not so good...
Me: Really? So what grades did you get?
Friend: It's bad...I got all Bs this term
Me: ...

Firstly, doing badly in my book means barely passing your exams. Yes, I know we live in a highly competitive society but seriously, a B is bad?

If you thought that was bad, let me cite you another example of another friend who lamented of his lack of savings and when probed, he said...I don't have much money...just about S$60,000.

Speechless. This was followed by a huge urge to just smack the shit outta him.

In telling the truth, I know that sometimes sugar-coating it often helps soften the blow but false modesty like the above two cases just grates. Thinking back, many people, especially Singaporeans do this incessantly. Who doesn't like to boast about their achievements, right? But when someone is really seeking sympathy, that is an abhorrent way to behave. It's condescending, people and we should stop doing it.

Why? Simply because plebians and sad souls like me need a listening ear, a hug and even empathy sometimes. And yes, we're selfish too because we'd love to have the chance to bitch and moan about how dreary our lives are - without hearing how wonderful yours is.

So, the next time you have the list your achievements to someone, just be frank - warn the poor soul that you are unburdening to and let them have a decent head start, to run away from you.

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danny said...


Damn I got my first A+ for last semester!! Woo hoo!! I totally kicked ass!!!!!

Bitchy Witchy said...

Haha...Congratulations, dude! Thanks for the warning :o)

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