Sisters are…

Doing it for ourselves!

So guys, stop thinking that all that makeup, tight little clothes, the gorgeous hair and all the work that goes into this is for you. Ok, a little bit of it is for you, but the majority of the work is for us – and for us to impress other girls.

Eve-of-the-eve of the wedding, a whole bunch of us girls were doing the manicure/pedicure routine. Honestly, I’m not much of a fan of getting pedicures due to (what I dub) a traumatic experience in Thailand…however, it didn’t stop me from going through the routine with my usual bravado – if bravado means looking like I was going to be tortured, boiled and fried…then that’sexactly what I looked like throughout…

Thankfully, my manicurist was kind enough to make it a more enjoyable experience and I managed to look less like I was going to die. The good news is I happily got some nail art done for the first time. Yay! Pictures will be posted in Flickr soon for, in all my excitement, I forgot to bring my camera cable home. Well done, me...

Today, makes it only one more day to the wedding.

Congratulations Alicia (you've made it through all the hassle and the family drama!) and to Ah How, welcome to the family – if you thought that our family was strange, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Good luck and lots of love!

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