The show must go on

I learnt a few important things this weekend:

  1. Yeo wishes that he was a super hero. Which is a scary thought, until you see the costume - pengsan! We went to a vendor event at St James on Friday where there was a booth that allowed guests to dress up as film characters. I have polaroids and have not stopped laughing since.
  2. The no alchohol rule works. No hangover, no dehydration, no problem :o). What I still need to work on, is the no staying out late rule. Damn you, Yeo.
    I should never eat before rehearsals. One would think that I'd be wiser after the last time but...
  3. I 'heart' YouTube. Not only can we see how to improve or performances, we can also try to minimize those wardrobe malfunctions. Haha... I lost my glasses halfway through the performance and went blind thereafter, Jwo got 'un-suspended' but still, we continued on...
  4. Performance jitters suck. No matter how many times you perform or are put in the spotlight, you still get it. Sigh. But, post-performance bouquets rock. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Gup!
  5. Many, many thanks to all! To Salsa Singapore for inviting us to a perform at a great party - may you have lots more to come! To Stella who put up with all my calls, to Marco who has endless patience and tenacity, to the Dragones Latinos and LADC for being such a great performance team and supporters and of course, to Fuzz, who inspires me endlessly!

Here's the video, people. Enjoy!

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dancingdiva said...

You guys at LADC rock! Thanks for performing at the party! :)

Bitchy Witchy said...

It was our pleasure!

One Man's Opinion said...

They should have removed that "annoying, American-Legion-like, freeloading Wedding-Reception-Screamer" in the background. Simply because they were shooting a seriously-talented dance group, and it ruined the audio music track, IMHO.

...just One Man's Opinion

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