Can we chill?

It's Tuesday. You're tired, you're cranky, work sucks, so you decide to cut out and head for dinner with some friends.

Destination: Cork Bistro @ Capital Square

Assessment: The newest little nugget of the Marmalade Group, Cork just opened its doors this week and we had the pleasure of being one of its very first customers.
For a chill-out place, Cork is excellent. Primarily a wine-bar, the bistro also serves an array of mouthwatering tapas that allows you to literally, graze the night away. And, if you're feeling lost at which wine to pick, don't fret. The staff is extremely helpful and are always on hand with a recommendation.

What we had was the rich and flavourful french onion Soup, our friends had the risotto (which incidentally couldn't fit into my collage) but was in a word - divine. I had the duck confit, which is one dish that could make or break it. Restaurants tend to serve this dish either rubbery or too mushy but the confit here was a nice surprise. Crispy skin that cuts away to juicy slivers of duck on a bed of well seasoned lentils...ahhh. Hits the spot. The X-Man actually had the pan seared seabass (fish!) and chorizos - which I didn't try but judging from the sounds he made was pretty good. And then...there was dessert - lemme tell you, the way into this girl's heart is dessert (hint, hint). Judging by the pictures, we were a leeetle too enthusiastic BUT it was worth it...dammit.

The dark chocolate cake with white choc top was amazing...what sold me was that it had bits of nuts in the cake that just made you want one more nibble. The lime cheesecake is rich, with a nice limey zest that wakes up that palate, the warm pear treacle cake came with ice cream and was just nice...not overly sweet but yum. The most interesting (if a bit strange) dessert was the pink one, it's like a yoghurt with lots of fresh strawberries, bits of cake and crackers. Ok, so I can't remember its name but it seemed a little messy...heh. Ah well.

Overall, the food and ambience was fantastic. Oh and did I mention that happy hour means one-for-one martinis and housepours until 8pm? Well, they are and the drinks sure made me one happy girl. Rating? I'd say go down and try this place now, before everyone descends on it!

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dancingdiva said...

Hey babe, this sounds like a great place to visit! Is this that Capitol Square at Tanjong Pagar??

Bitchy Witchy said...

Yeah, that's right. It's facing the CPF building :o)

dancingdiva said...

Nice! I'm gonna check it out! ;)

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