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I was inspired by the romance of the movies this weekend while watching The Last of the Mohicans. Although I am a huge movie nut, I am never one to sit through rom-com flicks.

Let’s put it in perspective. I intensely dislike watching rom-com flicks – yes, I’ve seen almost all the classics and some of the biggest duds like
Down with Love, Serendipity, No Reservations (why the hell did they have to tamper with a great original like Bella Martha?! Oh wait, Americans…figures), etc. I’m cheesed off especially if I have to sit through 90 mins of droll dialogue, uninspired directing and insipid acting that will reach a predictable ending. Bo-ring! See, this is the reason I read romances instead of watching them. Somehow in the books, the characters have much more life and spice which get lost in translation when they appear onscreen.

My notion of romantic movies is that they have to be entertaining but with a dash of reality. The actors have to have chemistry and the script cannot too silly, clunky or unbelievable. Most importantly, it has to touch the viewer and make you feel that you too, want to be saved by or loved by someone like that. Sadly, most of the factory-like rom-coms today possess neither the charm nor the sparkle that movies like
When Harry Met Sally, Dirty Dancing, The Mask of Zorro or even the quirky In & Out had.

So what sort of ‘romantic’ movies do I watch? Let’s look at the list, shall we?

  1. The Last of the Mohicans – I love, love Michael Mann. Even though he didn’t read the bloody book before and during the shot, he captured the romance, the wars and brought the characters to life almost effortlessly. The romance was built into the plot and you felt each and every nuance of pain, love and loss. Tell me, which girl didn’t want Hawkeye to come save them too?
  2. Grosse Pointe Blank – Ah, this one is the interesting romantic comedy. Hit man reluctantly goes to his high school reunion, he’s on assignment, he meets the ex-flame that he stood up and he’s also being chased by a rival. What the hell’s he supposed to do? Smart, witty script, sparkling characters coupled with small bursts of action = one really fun movie.
  3. Amelie – It’s French, it’s quirky and it introduced us to Audrey Tatou. This is one of the most implausible romantic comedies every, but its warmth and charm drew everyone into Amelie’s world and you naturally ended up rooting for its crazy heroine.
  4. Rent – Friendship, love and loss. Although the movie version didn’t do justice to this classic musical but the fact that they reunited almost all the original cast still touches the heart. The years have added color to the songs that were not there when these actors performed their characters so many years ago.
  5. Rob Roy – The romantic hero with a woman who possessed a spirit that was unshakeable and as strong as her man was. Liam Neeson and Jessica Lange had a chemistry that very few actors have with each other and that was what lifted then entire movie.
  6. Sin City – Film noir, anyone? Granted this is not romantic in any way but what I loved was how they brought the characters to life, everyone looks so bloody tormented, so sad, sigh…
  7. Chasing Amy – Ben Affleck was cool once. He was cute and witty back when he was the baffled comic book artist in love with the lesbian in this classic Kevin Smith movie. And he gets his wish too…Oh wait, didn’t I say this was a Kevin Smith movie. Expect weirdness…
  8. The English Patient – Only ardent movie fans need apply here for this movie richly rewards those who have the patience to sit through it all. Its characters are complex and the relationships complicated but the cinematography and the script are first-class. Hence the accolades.
  9. The Age of Innocence – Forbidden love, deceit and desire set in 1800s America. Should you marry someone just to uphold a perfect front or marry someone that you truly desire? Hey, maybe Singaporeans should watch this too…
  10. 50 First Dates – This one almost didn’t make the cut but I figured, since Adam Sandler tried so darned hard to get Drew Barrymore to remember him, it’s worth all the silly vomiting walruses, the weird German chick and even Rob Schneider.

I’m thinking that I’ll hibernate at home with my DVDs next weekend. Gosh knows it’s too darn hot to go out and the movies that are repeated during the festival holidays suck.

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Kole said...

I check your blog after nearly a year, and what do I find...bagging on us poor yanks for our inadequacies? Sheesh! See you are as firey as ever. What else could one expect. Hope all is well!

Bitchy Witchy said...

OMG!!! Hello, my long lost comrade! Yes, I'm still fiery and doing well, although that said, I'm trying not to be overachiever of the year or something...write me!

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