Split me wide open

The last few weeks for me were literally, hell.

Thankfully, the
Womad performance went rather well and I was able to refocus all my energies on work. My team and I have the dubious honor of being stuck with a client who thinks that we all just live to be their minions.

Mind you, I have no illusions about the public relations industry; like all service-oriented industries, we have the good as well as the bad clients but the current one that we’re stuck with is absolutely ridiculous. Add that to the fact that they have completely no idea of how they want their work to be done – and we have a monumental headache. We get complaints about the quality of the work, the long lag time, etc. What they never take into concern is that they take their own time to provide us with feedback, give us weird information that comes sporadically and they assume that we can develop a decent piece of work from the meager information that they send us. I am so tired at the end of the day, I can hardly think straight, or form any coherent thoughts.

Ah, the lovely life of a PR consultant.

The one thing that has been the saving grace in all this torture? My colleagues and the Internet. The former comes from having colleagues with a wicked sense of humor that helps carry all of us through these hard times. The latter is an inexhaustible source of information that I milk endlessly to plug the gaps in information needed for said torturous client.

For the first time in a couple of weeks, I now have time of just sit down and blog. And by blogging I mean ranting about the general hell that is work and the lack of a social life or even sleep (I even dreamt about work! A fucking nightmare, I swear...) that I have. A social life for me these days consists of watching DVDs at home, catching up on sleep and going for dance practice, with an occasional visit to Union Square thrown in for variety.

I guess age may be mellowing me out. I no longer have the taste of partying till dawn or staying out late. Whatever party bug that I have is now reserved for the odd birthday or gatherings with close friends. Ah well.

Meanwhile, life around me still carries on. My cousin’s getting married in January – and I finally got the date right! Yeah! We’re heading off to get her fitted in her gowns, look for her traditional costume and go on a shoe scouting spree over the next few weeks.

In other good news, almost everyone’s coming back from work or vacations overseas this month and I look forward to catching up with them soon. My mum’s finally back from New Zealand and it’ll be interesting to see how we adjust to living together again. It’s strange but I’m so used to living with my sister and because of our schedules, we only get together on the weekend. That’s fine with the both of us cos, that leaves us with a lot of time to ourselves. With mum around, it’s us adjusting to another person again and getting used to having her around all the time. Mum is fantastic; it’s just the adjusting bit that takes a little bit of getting used to.

The new wine bar/restaurant that my sister’s managing will be opening towards the end of the month and I look forward to checking it out with my mum. It’s exciting as my sister’s been in this line for so long and the promotion has been long overdue. But that’s just me being biased :o)

This coming week it’s back to double-hatting with work and dance. Work’s heating up with some big projects on the horizon. As for the Dragones Latinos? We’re performing at the one year anniversary of Salsa Singapore thsi coming weekend. This is the premier web portal for the salsa community that has been extremely supportive of
LADC. We’re closing the show with Facilito – wish us luck!

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